Poisoned for Profit - How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill

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Chelsea Green Publishing
May 2010
ISBN 978-1603582568

POISONED FOR PROFIT is an updated and expanded version of POISONED PROFITS, first published in hard cover in 2008.  It includes significant political, economic and scientific developments since then, an Afterword that discusses what those developments mean, and new resources for parents.

How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill

From autism to cancer

With indisputable data, the Shabecoffs reveal that the children of baby boomers—the first to be raised in a truly "toxified" world—have higher rates of birth defects, asthma, cancer, autism and a frightening range of other neurological illnesses from ADHD to mental retardation, and other serious chronic illnesses, than previous generations. .

They reveal that one out of two pregnancies fails to come to term or results in a less than healthy child, that premature births and infertility are on the rise as this generation matures, while the ratio of male babies dwindles.

These children are victims of a crime; the perpetrators are the companies who knowingly manufacture and use poisonous products.

Covering up the evidence

Why does the toxic assault on our children continue? because the evidence is routinely obscured by controversy deliberately generated by the companies that profit, abetted by government collusion, scientists-for-hire, lobbyists, lawyers and cynical public relations.

Poisons in the environment

From fetus to adulthood, in our homes, yards, schools, cars and buses, and playgrounds. the assault is everywhere: air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, mercury and lead, industrial solvents, food additives, artificial growth hormones, arsenic, bisphenol A and phthalates in bottles and teething rings and other plastic products, radioactive pollutants in the water, and even rocket fuel in lettuce.


Poisoned Profits is in the end a book about hope and optimism. We made these poisons, we can take them out of our children’s lives and make profits from safe products. Find here the solutions to reduce your child’s risk and to change the system.